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InvestTech Platform for Private Equity

An End-to-End LegalTech System Offering a Comprehensive Solution for Investments in Private Equity Markets
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Comprehensive Investment Infrastructure

We aim to bring synergies to innovative markets, remove any existing barriers and add value for all stakeholders


Our digitized LegalTech documentation is fast, efficient and ready for signing



Clear investment trajectory with enhanced trackability



An end-to-end platform enabling startups to raise capital from our network of



Highly Flexible Solution

A unique set of LegalTech and IT solutions for investing and fundraising

Different Jurisdictions

Get help with SPV deals in the UK, Europe and the USA

Transparent Fees

You always know what you will pay and how the fee is structured


Ensure the steady growth of your business and/or your investment portfolio

Fast Execution

Have your SPV or investment deal ready and signed in record time

Take Control

Control all your deals from pre-funding to exit on one platform

Secure Environment

The platform provides a secure environment for all your transactions backed by innovative LegalTech solutions

The InvestTech Platform Concept

The Deep Knowledge Group aims to remove existing barriers to investing in private equity markets and to add value for all stakeholders

This end-to-end solution allows investors to deploy capital quickly in an efficient, timely manner enabling startups to raise funds and keep growing. Innovative LegalTech tools and e-documentation provide a clear, step-by-step investment process which is enhanced by additional service integrations such as Analytics, IR Management and corporate payment solutions.

Key Features of the KYC & KYB Process

  • Speed. Quick and efficient opening of an escrow and corporate account. 

  • Customer Service. Each client will be offered a tailor-made, specific solution.

  • Less Documentation. KYC/KYB documentation needs only to be provided once.

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Escrow Accounts for Clients

Escrow Accounts are a powerful tool to protect investors and fundraisers.  After agreeing a transaction, the major advantage of an Escrow Account for investors is that funds can only be released from the account according to milestones agreed between investors and the company in advance. This is part of the deal-making process and ensures that all parties fulfil their obligations to each other in a transparent, orderly fashion.

Corporate Accounts for Clients

  • Our clients are already onboarded with the InvestTech Platform and have provided all required KYB documentation.

  • Prior to signing the agreement, further information may be requested to confirm the identity of each related party (e.g. investors, organisers and SPVs) or any other documentation required to comply with the regulatory obligations of our Partner.

  • A corporate card will be granted to the User once the application is finalised.

  • Parties will be granted options to manage cash across the whole business efficiently.

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LegalTech Components

  • Data Room for Legal Documents. A Data Room is a secure space to keep confidential documents that are only accessible to authorised individuals. The InvestTech Platform will contain a Data Room, providing the full scope of legal document templates to download, edit and e-sign.

  • Electronic Signatures. The InvestTech Platform uses e-signatures as an efficient and compliant tool to speed up the administrative process. 

InvestTech Platform’s Services and Tools


Formation and Administration of SPVs
Instantly create Special Purpose Vehicles with customized conditions for LPs
Onboarding of Platform’s Participants
Extend the network of investors and invite them to co-invest in presented companies
Delegate and automate the paperwork associated with the investment process
Create bank accounts for newly incorporated legal entities and have all tools in hand for its management
Due Diligence
of Startups
Intellectual Property Structuring
Investor Relations Management


Investor Dashboards
Data Room

InvestTech Platform’s Integrations

Big Data Analytics System and Dashboards
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The DKG universe of 20 IT solutions providing market intelligence and analytics

Longevity Banking Card
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Corporate bank accounts integrated with a Longevity marketplace

Investor Relationship Management System
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Integrated contact database, analytics, reporting tools and dashboards for investor relations

IP Investment & Trading Platform
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Specialised solutions for investors, startups and R&D organisations to commercialise Intellectual Property

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