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Simple Way To Raise Funds

Take control of investments & deals from startup to exit via InvestTech Platform


Flexible Solution to Keep on Growing

SPV’s structure will provide the mechanism for a prospective startup to access private investments


SPV will be the solution for startups that want to raise capital and get the flexibility to control outcomes.


Legal Documents

The legal documentation determines your SPV’s direction and much of its benefits and  potential future success.

Build Network

Startups will be able to build a network of investors which will be the ground for securing further financing in future.



Reliable Effective Fundraising Approach

We provide a ready-to-use investing ecosystem: InvestTech

End-to-end platform

An end-to-end platform enabling startups to raise investments from the network of co-investors.

Comfortable fundraising

The platform will simplify the process by enabling deal Organizers to pool raised funds into an entity with a formal structure.

Flexible infrastructure

Our flexible infrastructure allows the tracking of each investment through the fundraising cycle.


Easy Way to Raise Investments

Our solution provides startups with a simple and automated process of raising funds

Invite new investors

Build your own network of investors. There can be an unlimited number of Investors in one entity, with voting power directed by a Lead Investor.

Track your investors income

We provide a modern tool for tracking your fundraising process. Also, one of the SPVs key features is enhanced trackability compared to classic investment vehicles or other relevant entities.

Make your agreement easier

Fully automated process of signing and forming documents. All stages and internal processes within SPVs will align with the initial investment vision/thesis.

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