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The ultimate end-to-end solution for private equity investments

Transform the way you invest with the InvestTech Platform. This cutting-edge solution streamlines the investment process, providing an effortless and efficient mechanism for deploying capital into startups, helping them secure much-needed funding and continue their growth trajectory

For Professional Investors and Eligible Counterparties only and not for Retail Investors
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For Investors

Access the fundraising deals and leverage the full scope of tools required for investments in private equity

For Startups

Grow the network of investors, focus on your growth goals and enjoy comprehensive support along the fundraising process 

InvestTech Platform Tools

Seamless Onboarding Process

InvestTech Platform made it possible to simplify the onboarding process for any type of users: startups, investors, service providers and deals organizers. A few-clicks process allows to receive the needed information from the user and define the goals while using the InvestTech Platform 


Flexible Deal Creation Terms

InvestTech Platform provides its clients with multiple options of deals structuring ensuring that they will be able to participate in investment deals based on the preferences and specific goals. InvestTech Platform's capabilities allow to grant the increased flexibility in fundraising deals management  

Fully Automated and Secure KYC/KYB

InvestTech Platform involves the most advanced solutions which help users to leverage the hassle-free process of KYC/KYB. At the same time, the personal data is fully secured and protected.    


Personal Investment Dashboards

To better visualise personal engagement in investment deals, InvestTech Platform provides users with Dashboards. Through providing the full scope of information being updated in real time, Dashboards grants the clear understanding of the dynamics of participation in investment deals.  

Investor Relations Management Tools

Platform's users may leverage the solutions to track the activity of counterparties. For example, deals organizers may track all activities of investors in particular fundraising deal in order not to miss any important thing 


Data Rooms and Automated Documents Signing

InvestTech Platform makes the extreme stress on the security of documents while creation, signing and exchange between users. Clients may define the access terms and be ensure that their files are fully secured

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