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Investment Relations CRM

Investor Relationship Management System (IRM System) is a powerful tool that helps companies organize and manage their relationships on a centralized and multifunctional platform. It makes it easier to find potential partners, contact them by integrated mailing system and use many other time-saving tools, whether it is a one-person business or a team.
  • IRM is integrated into dashboards
  • Includes the database of venture partners and possible investors
  • IRM System potentially could be integrated with DKG platforms

IRM contains a significant number of individual investors and organizations for fast connection and closing deals

This proprietary product of the Deep Knowledge Group supposed to be the entire cloud-based software, that could be easily used by users of all these products and ourselves, keeping records in sync across platforms.

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Intuitive search tools allows to find best results for your business

Using DKG IRM System, you get automatically integrated contact database, analytics, reporting tools, dashboards, and deals management right out of the box. This makes it easy to optimize and personalize your campaigns and processes with data from your IRM, which leads to more powerful and impactful work.

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