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Growth Begins where the Challenges Are

“Hard times create strong men. Strong men create good times. Good times create weak men. And, weak men create hard times.” – Michael Hopf

Work is always about challenges. It is about you struggling with those challenges. This struggle definitely has a meaning. That's why your personal growth and development highly depend on the level of challenges you solve at your workplace.

That's another reason why Deep Knowledge Group is a perfect place where you can surpass yourself without even knowing that you could do such things before. It is an opportunity to deal with the realm of DeepTech and Frontier Technologies (AI, Longevity, BioTech, Pharma, FinTech, GovTech, SpaceTech, FemTech, Data Science, InvestTech), ranging from scientific research to investment, entrepreneurship, analytics, consulting, media, philanthropy and more. Is there anything better for a young aspiring professional? I am sure the answer is not.

Deep Knowledge Group seeks professionals from across multiple fields and geographies, that's why it happened that a fairly large part of the team lives and works in Ukraine. The year 2022 became a complete challenge not only for Ukrainian employees of Deep Knowledge Group when the war burst out in our native country but also for the company itself dealing with explosive growth and technological advancements.

After the 24th of February, our life will never be the same. Due to the russian full-scale invasive war, many of us had to flee to the west, some of us had to relocate from our homes, and some people even went through losses and occupation. Everyone has their own sad story which is associated with global existential alterations through which our country is going right now. In addition to all vicissitudes, the job market in Ukraine is crushing down and thousands of people lost their job losing the chance to feed their families and support the economy of Ukraine.

During these hard times, Deep Knowledge Group, didn't abandon us or left unpaid any single person during the time of crisis in our country. Work became a salvation for every member of the Ukrainian team in our company. That challenge tripled our strength and desire to optimize the work processes and boost strategic projects dedicated to the most important things that lead humanity toward its best future possible.

We have been working on the creation of the series of the Big Data Analytical System for DeepTech and Longevity-focused industries, advanced analytics for private clients, investment projects, and even one-of-its-kind Longevity Club.

InvestTech Platform for private equity, created in collaboration with Ukrainian Venture Capital and Private Equity Association, strives to attract private capital into Ukraine, where despite the full-scale war, hundreds of companies continue to do business and develop cutting-edge tech.

We have created DeepTech and AI Ecosystem in Ukraine Platform which outlines key advancements in the field, gives an analytical assessment of future traction of the rapidly developing market in Eastern Europe, and aims to attract $1 billion in AI and DeepTech investments to Ukraine over a foreseeable period of time.

We know that the war will finish one day and the hard times will be over. The best part about this is that we will be strong enough to take a lead over those times.

Me and my team are really happy that our company not only supports our aspiration of leadership and personal growth but also enhances its power globally. Everybody knows that knowledge is power. In our case the knowledge is deep and it is a transcendent power.

If you are a hard-working and ambitious professional, feel free to drop me a message, there is always a place in the Deep Knowledge Group for someone like you


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