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Resilience as a сore mean of Healthy Longevity

The resilience of an individual cell to external harm can be literally considered as a core factor for its #Longevity. Based on decades of research, modern approaches for restoration of that particular resilience stand for creation of distinct novel kinds of treatment or diagnostics.

Could the country's or community resilience stand for its Longevity as well? I am sure it can, and it Will.

In recent years, Ukraine was undergoing a scientific and medical renaissance. This was the time of active development of academic sector, the time of novel approaches in private medical sector implementation, the era of new medical policies and governmental improvements. Developing national Longevity was one of the core tasks on our agenda.

Right before the war I communicated with 3 different local teams which worked on Longevity Research, creation of novel algorithms for biological age estimation and potentially novel approaches in stem cell practice as well as a group who had done enormous work on senolytics. They were known in the academic sphere, but now they were ready to rise and inform the world regarding their great ideas in the form of startups.

As for everyone else in Ukraine, the war has changed our plans. During the phase of the unknown, the teams hold together, and now they are here and preparing to shine again. This is the greatest sign of resilience in the under looked field of studies that is currently becoming more and more influential on a global scale.

For 3 Years I was engaged in Ukrainian Longevity Market, participated in development of Longevity Clinics, set up regenerative protocols for hospitals, participated in development of stem cell and extracellular vesicles' production plants. I saw by my own eyes how the topic of longevity and local business started to actively integrate each other. Research facilitated business, and local business facilitated research. The same tendency could be seen in all Eastern European countries, and it was a matter of short period of time for them to deliver outstanding results.

What were the next steps? Connections are made, I know the People engaged in Medical, Academic and business fields of the Longevity industry locally, the only solution was to go Global and drive international cooperation and investments flow. This was the last piece of a puzzle to collect in order to achieve sustainability.

My career brought me in the analytics of Global Longevity industry as an analyst in the Aging Analytics Agency. For an extended period of time our team has been working on developing multiple analytical algorithms and approaches to reinvent the vision of the Longevity Industry. During that work we have strongly updated the sophisticated longevity ecosystem by profiling enormous amounts of industry players.

One of the core strategic plans for Aging Analytics Agency was developing expertise in Longevity Biomarkers as it is the main baseline for Longevity Research. Expanding our knowledge we have analysed all the Longevity Biomarkers Industry and research creating multiple industry overviews.

Based on sophisticated knowledge of Biomarkers and their use in modern research and healthcare systems we created a great integration of such expertise to drug discovery analytics.

Next stage was to discover what was happening in Therapeutic market. On Bases of Deep Pharma Intelligence we could develop novel insights in AI in the Drug Discovery market. The Field of AI implementation is growing so fast that to keep the track of that part of the Longevity Industry we created an ongoing flow of reports uncovering all the peculiarities of that. In order to sustain the flow of best analytics in the sector, a state of the art analytical dashboard on Drug Discovery market was created.

Such an infographic tool of interaction with the broadest industry database generated a lot of insights and great overview of market development overtime.

It was becoming obvious that after analysis of AI use in Drug discovery and Biomarkers development and analysis the next step for our team would be to create analytics of the medical spectrum. As it is known - health is a core of Longevity, and it is the main factor contributing to personal resilience. Thus we started to develop deep exeprtise in fields of AI in medical practice, mobile health, regenerative medicine and advanced medicine. We developed multiple reports in that field and more are to come.

I have seen novel cooperation techniques, novel approaches and systems that generated great discoveries and was eager to implement them in Ukraine. While achieving the title of Head of Longevity Analytics in Deep Knowledge Group I have gathered a great research team around me in the borders of the great company which drove our passion and encouraged us to develop.

We have managed to create a specific landscape overview of the Longevity industry in Eastern Europe as well as a special AI and DeepTech ecosystem in Ukraine. After performing a first deep research of Ukrainian market we decided to develop this topic in much more detail and created a specialised report on Innovative Healthcare in Ukraine.

This system was created to provide an overview of a great growing industry that is full of opportunities and is going to expand. This is a novel market for multiple investors, yet it is not that novel for me and it is obvious that local business will soon flourish.

Everything was going according to a plan, and this is the way you live when your work is related to your lifetime passion.

But As everyone now knows, the 24 of February 2022 everything has changed. The whole Ukrainian nation became a live symbol of Resilience. This resilience as well as the resilience of the cell is generating positive feedback in the surrounding space. The Brand of Ukraine is rising up again, The perspectives are seen, and the vision is not blurred.

It is known that soon we will take our Victory and afterwards Ukraine will be developing at an unseen pace. Uncertainty would leave and investments would come. Our veterans and civilians will be in need of fast and reliable medical care. A lot of new hospitals are to be built and old ones to be restored. Yet there is more to add, as AI and its implementation is developing fast it could play a crucial role in the restoration of the Healthcare system of Ukraine. As well as that some mobile health solutions can be immediately integrated as Ukraine becomes the most digitalized country in the world. All those efforts can be a unique basis for the Longevity sector rebirth on governmental level in my homeland.

The whole local longevity ecosystem with the focus on AI in healthcare, early stage diagnostic and preventive medicine is gaining traction and is on the verge of the next stage of evolution, the only needed seed here is investment and expertise. It is now a fact that 2022 was hard but yet successful, but upcoming 2023 will be terrific!

Thus, my personal goal now is to play my part in Ukraine restoration by any means of my knowledge, and to show by action that fast restoration is the core of our common resilience.


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