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platform for investments

We provide the comprehensive IT-solution to match innovative startups and private investors
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Our Unique Advantages

Complex of solutions for startups seeking investments at the Platform
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Deep Industry Expertise

Platform relies on the extensive experience of seasoned professionals which are well aware about needs of investors and startups.

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Wide Range of Supportive Solutions

Platform is not limited to providing solely venue for making investments. Its users get the legal, advisory support at every step and leverage the variety of modern tech tools.

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Exclusive Investment Deals

Users get the access to vetted fundraising opportunities which are of great potential to generate positive outcomes in future in case of successful deals completion.

Our team

Dmitriy Kaminsky

General Partner

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Stefan Hascoet

Managing Partner

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Dominic Jennings

Head of Strategic Partnerships

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Talgat Takiyev

Head of Investor Relations

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Flexible Deals Structuring Terms

Few-steps process allows to obtain the necessary information from investors and startups to define the pursued goals on the platform and to grant the required scope of services

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Investment Deal Creation Flow

 Organisers can set up the deal which would reflect the funding campaign for a specific startup. Automated process allows to smoothly publish deal for the general view by investors

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Automated Documents Signing and Data Room

Platform automates the paperwork associated with the investment process. Users may pronptly sign, store and distribute documents at every step of deal flow

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Interactive Dashboards for Investors and Startups

Interactive Dashboards allow investors can track the performance of their investments in real time whereas startups can view the progress of fundraising campaigns

Q4 2022
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Facilitators functionality

Platform gives the option to provide services by third party providers such as legal teams, advisors, financial services companies, etc to back the investment deals 

Q4 2022
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M&A Deals Marketplace 

As the separate module of InvestTech Platform, M&A Deals Marketplace will represent the opportunities for structuring of M&A transactions

Q1 2023

Completed Features

  • Complete IT integration with KYC/KYB providers

  • Intellectual Property Platform Release

  • Integration of Smart Matching Tool into InvestTech Platform

  • Integration of Big Data Analytical System

  • Integration with Investors Relations Management System 

  • Integration with Longevity Card (B2B accounts)

  • Adding MarTech component

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Planned Features

  • Integration of Escrow accounts for greater security of payments processing

  • Development of Asset Management platform

Ready to join us?

Start your investing jorney with the help of our team!
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