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All-in-one Solution for Fundraising

Streamline your fundraising efforts with the InvestTech Platform's all-in-one solution. Say goodbye to fragmented processes and hello to a comprehensive solution that simplifies fundraising for startups
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What we offer

InvestTech Platform sets an ambitious goal to provide startups seeking investments with full-pledged solution meeting the various business needs.
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Flexible Deals Structuring

Transparent and fast processes allow to seamlessly create fundraising deals on the Platform and focus on extending the investors network.


Comprehensive Support

The startups enjoy the full scope of support to back the needs and successfully close fundraising campaigns.

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One-stop-solution for Startups

Platform’s functionality goes beyond the fundraising needs, providing the full scope of services for innovative startups.

Features for Startups

Complex of solutions for startups seeking investments at the Platform
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Quick Onboarding Process

Fill in the details of your fundraising deal and publish it on the marketplace   

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Prompt KYB Procedures

Verify your company at the platform with the minimum package of documents.

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Smart Matching Tool

Find investors who are active in the same industry domains and build strong relationships with them. 

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Cap Tables Management

See all onboarded LPs under the umbrella of one legal entities and easily manage capital flows.

Discover Platform’s Capabilities

Leverage the full range of features to secure successful funding of your startup and focus on things which affect the future growth
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Run communications with stakeholders

Keep investors and interested parties updated on major developments of the campaign, negotiate the terms.

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Collect commitments from investors

Track the progress of your campaign, manage the capital allocations received from investors and grow the network of limited partners of your startup

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Automated e-signatures 

Sign the documents in a few clicks and collect the signed documents from investors, service providers and team 

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Invite your investors

Make your fundraising deal be available to public, grow the network of potential investors 

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