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Unlock the full potential of private investing with the InvestTech Platform

Our innovative solution eliminates the obstacles that often hinder success, empowering investors with a smarter, more efficient way to invest
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Benefits & features

Leverage the broad range of advanced features to facilitate investments
on the Platform
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Create your own portfolio

Set up your profile and define investment goals.

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Find out best deals

Finalise documents in a few clicks and send for signing to other Platform’s users 

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Bank wire transfers

Store your documents in security and share with trusted counterparties

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Investor’s Dashboards

Track the performance metrics of your investment portfolio in one place 

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Prompt KYC Procedures

Save your time and promptly go through compliance checks through bio identification.

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Advanced Options for Deals

Platform allows to participate in deals through Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs).

Our features

InvestTech Platform provides the comprehensive infrastructure for private investors to participate in fundraising deals

Flexible Deals Structuring Terms

The Platform allows to opt for the legal instruments to formalise the investment deals mutually negotiated by co-investors and startup.

Enhanced Security Mechanisms

The Platform grants the multiple options to guarantee the safety of investments and privacy.

Advanced Tech Solutions

Platforms comprises the most innovative investing tools to deliver the first-class investors’ experience.

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Simple & easy steps to start

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Create your profile

Sign-in and create your profile in quickly and in easy way. Once you’ve filled sections of your profile, you can start your investing journey.

Our Feautres

Pass our KYC/KYB procedure

Instantly verify your identity or company with advanced bioidentification with minimum package of documents

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Find the best fitted deal

Discover, browse the appropriate deals for investing. You will have all the required information for go/no go decision.


Invest and manage your assets

Keep an eye on post-investment activities and the profitability of your investment portfolio. Participate in future investment deals or make exits along with the network of limited partners. 

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Join the Waiting List

Join the waitng list
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