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A Modern Way To Invest

We aim to remove existing barriers to investing in private markets and to add value for all stakeholders


Significant Investment Opportunity


Comprehensive Investment Infrastructure

The InvestTech Platform provides a full-scope investing infrastructure to enable investors to invest in prospective start-ups. The innovative components of the platform facilitate each step of the investment process, proving a one-stop-shop for both investors and start-ups.

Leverage the Broad Legal Support

Focus on finding promising investment opportunities instead of doing the paperwork. Leverage the automatised compliance processes through Data Room, quick KYC & KYB, electronic signatures and document templates.


Track the Performance of Each Investment

Join the Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) tailored to the needs of private investors, allowing them to measure the performance of every given investment.

Access the Wide network of Co-investors

Join and form the community of like-minded investment professionals, and participate on a deal-by-deal basis to make multiple direct investments in companies at different stages.



Simple Way to Make Investments

InvestTech Platform allows investors to make investments easily
in a time-efficient way

Create your profile

Sign-in and create a profile in a quick and in an easy way.
Once you’ve filled different sections of your profile, you can start your investing journey.

Explore the best deals on market

Browse and discover appropriate deals for investing
You will have all required information for go/no go decision.

Manage your portfolio

Keep an eye on post-investment activities and the profitability of your investment portfolio. Participate in future investment deals or make exits along with the network of limited partners.

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