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SWOT Analysis

Get a competitive edge with our systematic analysis of Longevity investment funds. 
Our advanced SWOT analysis will give you valuable insights into your position compared to your peers.

Any investment decision is conducted based on a specific analysis called due diligence. The process of due diligence encompasses the use of different approaches that allow analysis and comparison of companies. Thus, the assessment of one company ends up in a multi-layer comparison of tens or even hundreds of companies.


At Deep Knowledge Group, we care about your time and efforts. We understand how time-consuming this process might be and have developed tools to help you in this journey.  

Let's see how they really work

Our comprehensive analysis includes a systematic comparison and SWOT analysis of Longevity investment funds.

Let's begin with the Companies tab first.

Left-click on any of the companies' names to access the fund’s detail view. In this tab, you will find two sub-pages: Main and SWOT analysis.

The Main tab provides you with general information about the fund and its comparative analysis, where you can see investors, competitors, and investors of competitors. 

You can click on any name on the list to redirect yourself to the given investor or competitor.

The same view can be accessed from the Competitors tab on the left-hand side.


The SWOT analysis tab has one main entity - the SWOT analysis.

We gather 170 market parameters to provide you with the most holistic view of the company. We process this data with our proprietary NLP algorithms and show it in an easy-to-access manner of SWOTS.

Our data includes not only financial information about the company since in many cases it might lead to misrepresentation of the company's actual position. We also look at the company's R&D level, its team members, collaborations, scientific publications, and much more!


While accessing a given SWOT might be easy, it would be nice to have an opportunity to compare multiple SWOTs at a time.

You can easily do this by clicking on the
Comparative tab on the left-hand side of the dashboard. 

After that, click add at those companies you want to compare on the left. At the top of the page, you can access
Sort By and Gear-like buttons to ease your navigation and sort companies according to the existing filters.

When you are done with choosing funds, just click
Compare at the top of the page to access comparison mode.


The Comparative mode consists of two columns. The first one on the left presents general information about the funds. On the right, you can see a SWOTs comparison.

In order to bring to the front a given SWOT or to access details of the
company, click on the company's name at the top left of the pop-up. 


Ready to start?

Access the Advanced SWOT by subscribing to Big Data Analytical System and Dashboard. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you gain a competitive edge in the Longevity Investment market.
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