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Women’s Health, Longevity, and the War in Ukraine

Ukrainian #women have been struggling daily to access healthcare treatment they need. Since the Russian invasion, the situation in Ukraine has worsened even more. Almost 900 healthcare facilities have been damaged, with 127 hospitals completely wiped out. Some 90 ambulance cars have been damaged and disabled in the shooting and bombing, and 250 other health support vehicles have been seized by the Russian invaders. Not even pharmacies have been spared, with 450 being damaged and 41 completely destroyed (Ministry of Health of Ukraine). The human cost of this flaming, inhumane war is immeasurable. Sadly, this leaves many Ukrainian women struggling to access appropriate treatments.

Recent terrorist attacks on Ukrainian power infrastructure were a shocking act of aggression that has had devastating effects on the national healthcare system. Lives have been put at risk due to the loss of electricity, which powered much of critical medical equipment and affected medications that require cold temperatures. The blackouts have caused life-saving treatments and surgeries to be delayed or cancelled.

I'm absolutely certain that #FemTech is essential for women’s health in Ukraine. These technologies offer an array of opportunities to improve the quality of healthcare, as well as increase knowledge about physical and mental wellness. Moreover, it also helps #empower Ukrainian women by providing them with access to accurate and detailed health information that is easily accessible. FemTech has already made significant impacts in the lives of many women in Ukraine, some being able to make more informed decisions about their own life and health while others have been able to get help when they needed it most.

  • Home-based diagnostics: These solutions are focused on providing convenient, home-based access to a variety of diagnostic and reproductive products. For example, menstrual blood can now be used to monitor hormone levels and detect conditions like ovarian cysts. Additionally, many home-based devices allow for easier tracking of fertility cycles and contraception designs that are tailored to fit individual needs. FemTech solutions provide both healthcare providers and patients with critical insights into women's overall health, enabling them to make more informed decisions when it comes to their medical care.

  • Telemedicine: Through mobile applications and online portals, these tools are empowering women to track and monitor their health, making it easier for doctors to treat their problems in a timely manner. Furthermore, it enables 24/7 access to healthcare professionals, allowing even those in territories occupied and bombed by Russians to seek medical advice from qualified physicians. With the growing advancements of this technology, it can potentially revolutionise women's healthcare by providing comprehensive health support services with improved connectivity, accessibility and affordability.

  • Mental health support: In times of war, FemTech can provide much-needed mental health support for women in Ukraine. By leveraging technology and data science to create applications specifically designed to meet the needs of women in the midst of war, FemTech can address issues such as #stress, #depression, and #post-traumatic stress disorder that many Ukrainian women have faced since the onset of the war.

  • Pregnancy & Nursing solutions: FemTech has provided vital solutions in terms of health tracking, data analysis, and applications that streamline access to medical professionals and resources for pregnant and nursing women to stay healthy. This is helping to reduce maternal mortality rates as well as ensure that women have access to the information they need while simultaneously giving them more time to focus on their own well-being.

I am excited to be a part of the FemTech ecosystem and contribute to the development of the FemTech sector globally and in Ukraine. At FemTech Analytics, a subsidiary of Deep Knowledge Group, we are passionate about bringing #data-driven insights and solutions to empower women in their health journeys, providing insights into key subsectors such as Reproductive Health & Contraception, General Health Care, Longevity, Mental Health, Menstrual Health, Pregnancy & Nursing, Sexual Health, Pelvic & Uterine Health Care, Menopause Care, and Women's Wellness.

Deep Knowledge Group continues to support the development of DeepTech. Just recently, we have created a specific landscape overview of Advanced Healthcare in Eastern Europe, and Innovative Healthcare in Ukraine, as well as a special AI and DeepTech ecosystem in Ukraine.

Recently, Deep Knowledge Analytics published Innovative Healthcare in Ukraine, Q2 2022 which gives a comprehensive overview of the Ukrainian market of advanced medicine and innovative biomedical novelties. All the technologies described in the analytical case study are already in use, available, and ready for further research.

At Deep Knowledge Group, we created the concept of a portable Mobile Health Cabinet. The Mobile Health Cabinet concept project is an innovative and life-saving initiative that is working towards developing mobile diagnostic facilities in order to provide timely health status assessment and prior medical care to those who need it the most. These mobile vehicles will be incredibly beneficial for cities where hospitals have been destroyed or inaccessible, allowing people to access basic medical help and diagnosis. It can also be useful in countries with underdeveloped or nonexistent basic clinical services.

The Mobile Health Cabinet will include two rooms: an on-site laboratory and telehealth equipment connecting patients to local providers for care. Services will include acute illness/infection, lab tests, chronic disease checks, immunisations, preventive services, and virtual consultations. The diagnostics will include biochemical tests such as blood, urine, and saliva tests with quick results. Additionally, the extensive integration of portable test devices and ultrasound scanner systems is a major focus of this particular project.

Beyond mobile device integration, this Mobile Health Cabinet project aims to connect them with existing computer systems so data can be compiled and analysed in near real-time for user feedback. With the Mobile Health Cabinet project’s development of these services, the Ukrainians in affected areas may once again have access to essential medical services.

Mobile Health Cabinet project

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